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IPropertyCollection Interface

This interface describes an object, which stores properties. It is a combination of IPropertySource and IPropertyTarget.

Namespace:  Mastersign.Bench.PropertyCollections
Assembly:  BenchLib (in BenchLib.dll) Version: (
public interface IPropertyCollection : IPropertySource, 

The IPropertyCollection type exposes the following members.

Public methodCanGetValue
Checks, whether this object can retrieve the value for the specified property, or not.
(Inherited from IPropertySource.)
Public methodContainsValue
Checks, whether this collection contains the specified property.
Public methodGetValue(String)
Gets the value of the specified property.
(Inherited from IPropertySource.)
Public methodGetValue(String, Object)
Gets the value of the specified property, or a given default value, in case the specified property does not exist.
Public methodPropertyNames
Gets the names from all existing properties.
Public methodResetValue
Resets the specified property.
(Inherited from IPropertyTarget.)
Public methodSetValue
Sets the value of the specified property. If the property did exist until now, it is created.
(Inherited from IPropertyTarget.)
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