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BenchEnvironment Class

This class represents all environment variables manipulated by the Bench system.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Mastersign.Bench
Assembly:  BenchLib (in BenchLib.dll) Version: (
public class BenchEnvironment

The BenchEnvironment type exposes the following members.

Public methodBenchEnvironment
Initializes a new instance of BenchEnvironment.
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Public methodLoad
Loads the environment variables in the current process.
Public methodLoad(IDictionaryString, String)
Stores the environment variables in the given generic dictionary.
Public methodLoad(StringDictionary)
Stores the environment variables in the given string dictionary.
Public methodLoad(DictionaryEntryHandler)
Calls the given handler for every environment variable in the configuration.
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Public methodRegisterInUserProfile
Registers the Bench environment in the Windows user profile.
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Public methodUnregisterFromUserProfile
Unregisters the Bench environment from the Windows user profile.
Public methodWriteCmdEnvironmentScript
Writes the CMD environment script of the Bench system.
This class provides methods to load the environment variables in the current process, or to write a batch file, containing the variables for loading from another batch script. At last it provides methods to write environment variables to the Windows user profile. In that way, the Bench apps are available on the PATH of the Windows command line.
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