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Mastersign.Bench Namespace

Public classActionResult
This class represents the result of a Bench task.
Public classCode exampleActivationFile
Represents a text file with a list of app IDs.
Public classAppArchiveTyps
This static class contains string constants for the supported archive typs.
Public classAppFacade
This class is a facade to the properties and the state of an app. It is initialized with the IConfiguration object, holding the apps properties and the ID of the app.
Public classAppIndex
The merged app library for a Bench environment.
Public classAppIndexFacade

A collection of Bench apps.

This class provides a facade to handle the properties and the states of the bench apps in an object-oriented fashion.

Public classAppKeys
This static class contains constants for the IDs of apps directly known by the Bench system.
Public classAppLibrary
This class represents an app library. It is initialized with an ID and an URL, and holds a reference to the BenchConfiguration.
Public classAppPropertyKeys
This class contains string constants for all app properties.
Public classAppSearch
Static helper functions for App searching.
Public classAppTyps
This static class contains string constants for the app types known to Bench.
Public classAsyncManager
This static class contains convenience methods for handling threads.
Public classBenchConfiguration
The merged configuration for a Bench environment.
Public classBenchEnvironment
This class represents all environment variables manipulated by the Bench system.
Public classBenchTasks
This class implements the core logic of Bench tasks. It is designed as a static class and acts hereby as kind of function library.
Public classBenchUserInfo
This class represents the user of the Bench system. It holds the name and the email address, of the user, which are used to configure the environment variables and apps.
Public classCancelation

This class represents a possible cancelation of a running task.

Using the method Cancel, the running task can be cancelled. And with the property IsCanceled can be checked whether the task was canceled.

Public classCommandLine
This static class provides a number of methods to deal with command line arguments.
Public classConfigPropertyKeys
This class contains string constants for all configuration properties.
Public classConfigurationFile
A descriptor of a configuration or app library file.
Public classConsoleUserInterface
An implementation for IUserInterface, which is based on the console.
Public classDefaultBenchManager
This is the default implementation of a IBenchManager.
Public classDownloader
This class implements a download manager for downloading multiple HTTP(S) resources in parallel and monitoring their progress.
Public classDownloadEventArgs
This class defines the arguments of a download related event.
Public classDownloadProgressEventArgs
This class defines the arguments of the DownloadProgress event.
Public classDownloadTask
This class represents a HTTP(S) resource to be downloaded by a Downloader.
Public classFileSystem
A collection of static methods to help with file system operations.
Public classLogLevels
This static class knows the different possible log levels, while running Bench tasks. It helps to recognize a log level from a string.
Public classPowerShell
A static class, containing some helper properties and methods, for dealing with the PowerShell.
Public classPowerShellExecutionHost
This IProcessExecutionHost launches a PowerShell process with the PsExecHost.ps1 script and uses RemoteExecHostClient to request process executions.
Public classPowerShellExecutionHostBase
THe base class for implementations of IProcessExecutionHost, which uses the PsExecHost.ps1 PowerShell script as a remote execution host.
Public classProcessExecutionFailedException
This exception class is used to describe a failed process execution. This class contains the command line, which started the process, the exit code of the failed process and optionally the process output.
Public classProcessExecutionResult
This class represents the result from a Windows process execution.
Public classSimpleExecutionHost
This class is a simple implementation of IProcessExecutionHost. It starts processes invisible in the background and allows no user interaction during the process execution.
Public classTaskError
This class represents an error which occurred during the execution of a Bench task.
Public classTaskInfo
This class represents an information about a Bench task. It is a base class for specialized kinds of task information. Every task information contains a timestamp and a message. Optionally it can be associated with an app.
Public classTaskProgress
This class represents a progress update of a Bench task.
Public classUrlPattern
This class helps to identify URLs which must be resolved before the download of an HTTP(S) resource is possible.
Public structureAppSearchMatch
This class represents a matched app during a search.
Public interfaceIBenchManager
A Bench manager is an object which knows the most important components of a Bench system.
Public interfaceIProcessExecutionHost
This interface describes the capability to execute Windows processes in a synchronous or asynchronous fashion.
Public interfaceIUserInterface
This interface describes the capability to communicate with the user for some simple tasks.
Public delegateBenchTaskForAll
The type of a method, executing a Bench task for all Bench apps.
Public delegateBenchTaskForOne
The type of a method, executing a Bench task for one Bench app.
Public delegateDictionaryEntryHandler
The type for a method which is called, to process a key value pair of strings.
Public delegateFileDownloadResultHandler
The type for a handler, called when the download of a file finished.
Public delegateProcessExitCallback
The type for a method which is called when a process finished its execution.
Public delegateStringDownloadResultHandler
The type for a handler, called when the download of string finished.
Public enumerationAppStatusIcon
The enumeration of possible status icon types of an app.
Public enumerationConfigurationFileType
The different kinds of configuration and app library files.
Public enumerationFileSystemShortcutWindowStyle
An enumeration of possible window styles, when starting a file by the Windows shell.
Public enumerationProcessMonitoring
An enumeration with the possible levels of process monitoring.
Public enumerationPythonVersion
An enumeration with all supported major Python versions.
Public enumerationTransferPaths
The different kinds of paths, selectable for a Bench environment transfer.