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DownloadTask Class

This class represents a HTTP(S) resource to be downloaded by a Downloader.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Mastersign.Bench
Assembly:  BenchLib (in BenchLib.dll) Version: (
public class DownloadTask

The DownloadTask type exposes the following members.

Public methodDownloadTask
Initializes a new instance of DownloadTask.
Public propertyCookies
Cookies to send to the server when requesting the HTTP(S) resource.
Public propertyDownloadedBytes
The number of downloaded bytes.
Public propertyErrorMessage
A string describing the last error, occured during the download, or null if no error occurred.
Public propertyFailedAttempts
The number of failed download attempts.
Public propertyHasEnded
A value indicating, whether this download has ended (successfully, or with failure), or not.
Public propertyHeaders
Additional HTTP header fields to send to the server when requesting the HTTP(S) resource.
Public propertyId
A string identifying the download uniquely amont all other downloads.
Public propertyResolvedUrl
The resolve URL of the HTTP(S) resource. This property is set by the Downloader when resolving the URL.
Public propertySuccess
A value indicating, whether this download was completed successfully.
Public propertyTargetFile
A path to the file, to store the data of the downloaded resource in.
Public propertyUrl
The URL of the HTTP(S) resource.
Public propertyUrlResolutionFailed
A value indicating, whether the resolution of the URL failed, or not.
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