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PowerShellExecutionHostBase Class

THe base class for implementations of IProcessExecutionHost, which uses the PsExecHost.ps1 PowerShell script as a remote execution host.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Mastersign.Bench
Assembly:  BenchLib (in BenchLib.dll) Version: (
public abstract class PowerShellExecutionHostBase : IProcessExecutionHost, 

The PowerShellExecutionHostBase type exposes the following members.

Protected methodPowerShellExecutionHostBase
Initializes a new instance of PowerShellExecutionHostBase.
Protected propertyBenchRoot
The root directory of the Bench environment.
Protected propertyCurrentToken
The current token to identify the IPC connection.
Public propertyIsDisposed
Checks if this instance of already disposed.
Protected propertyIsPowerShellExecutionHostRunning
Checks is the PowerShell process is running.
Public propertyIsStarted
Checks whether the host is started, or not.
Protected propertyPsExecHostScriptFile
An absolute path to the PsExecHost.ps1 script file.
Public methodDispose
Shuts down this execution host and kills the attached PowerShell process.
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Protected methodOnDispose
Is called when this instance is disposed.
Protected methodRequestConfigurationReload
Call this to request a reload of the Bench configuration in the remote execution host, before the next execution request is processed.
Public methodRunProcess
Starts a Windows process in a synchronous fashion.
Public methodStartHost
Starts the remote host and prepares for first execution request.
Protected methodStartPowerShellExecutionHost
Starts the PowerShell process and runs the PsExecHost.ps1.
Public methodStartProcess
Starts a Windows process in an asynchronous fashion.
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Protected methodWaitForPowerShellExecutionHostToEnd
Waits for the PowerShell process to end. Is called after the shut down request was send.
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