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TransferPaths Enumeration

The different kinds of paths, selectable for a Bench environment transfer.

Namespace:  Mastersign.Bench
Assembly:  BenchLib (in BenchLib.dll) Version: (
public enum TransferPaths
  Member nameValueDescription
System0 The Bench system files.
UserConfiguration1 The directory with the user configuration and the user app library.
HomeDirectory2 The home directory with the settings and user profile files.
ProjectDirectory4 The directory with the projects.
AppLibraries48 The loaded app libraries.
RequiredAppResourceCache256 The cached resources of the required apps.
AppResourceCache768 The cached resources of all apps.
RequiredApps4352 The required apps as cached and installed.
Apps13056 All apps as cached and installed.
All65535 The complete Bench environment.
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